Driving Cautions: Best Instructions

Car accident is one of the highest cause of injury and death in the whole world. This is due to violation of rules and regulations of driving.

Be cautious on curves

Curve is one of the most dangerous place in driving. This is why all drivers should only follow their lane. In curves, drivers should never cross the boundary.

Carefully obey theĀ Signage

It is the number one etiquette of drivers to always follow what the signage says. For example, if the signage says check brakes, then drivers should really have to check brakes. Once brake is loose, there is no way to escape. This is why no wonder, there are so many people dying due to this reason.


Keep your focus. There are many factors that causes the focus to break down. Mind is not stable, drunk, stress, physically and emotionally battered. Texting is never allowed and watching the view outside while running the car is so dangerous.

Learn to Slow Down

Driving fast is good. However, as you know, it is very hard to slow down all of a sudden depending on the situation. This is why slow down if possible because this is the reason why there is a sudden crash of car.

Think of others first

This is one of the virtue that has to be possessed by any drivers. In a blind curve, even if the other party follows the rule if the other does not, then both party will meet an horrible result. This is why think of others first before yourself. Also, if you are alright with driving fast, the one riding with you might not be alright.