Major and Minor Effects of Alcohol to Drivers

Driving is fun. If you have your own car, you can freely go anywhere. For adventurous people, there’s nothing that can block them from going to different places. However, every driver must put in their minds that “safety is always the first”. So, how can a driver stay safe while driving? Of course, there are many rules and regulations to follow. It is strictly recommended that all drivers will submit to these rules for their own safety.

In the above infographics, alcohol is the most dangerous for drivers. How? When a driver is too much drunk, he will end up in an accident. To avoid any major or minor injuries, a driver must never drink too much alcohol.

Major Effects of Alcohol

  • Fatal Injuries. When a driver is too drunk, he cannot manage to drive safely. As a result, he will later fell into an accident. If luck comes to him, he can only experience minor injury, but usually, drunk drivers will end up to death.
  • Major Damage. If accident happens, there can be a major damage to the driver’s car or the victim.

Minor Effects of Alcohol

  • Minor Injury. When a driver is not much drunk with alcohol, major accident can be avoided. But, it is possible that he can suffer from a minor injury when he can still manage driving.
  • Minor Damage. A driver’s car can have a minor damage when he is not much drunk with alcohol. Alcohol can make a person dizzy. So driving while drunk is very dangerous.