Different Street Signs that Drivers Must Know

Below are the list of the most important street signs to follow. Street signs are given to protect anyone from hurting.

Check Brakes

Anyone who is driving should be aware of this sign. If seen, drivers really have to keep it no matter what happens. Lose brakes and lose life.

Stop Ahead Sign

This sign is very important to follow. There is a reason why this sign is made. It can be used especially when there is a traffic of parade or a ceremony being held ahead.

Men at work sign

Please follow this sign. There are times that this sign are placed together with the right or left curve ahead sign. If this sign is not kept, there is a possibility we can hit a person.

Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian crossing if for the sake of many other people. Consider other people on the way otherwise they can be hit.

Winding Road Sign

This sign shall be a warning for drivers to get ready for a zigzag road.

Driving in a zigzag road is tough for those who are not used to such road. It might be scary at first but trust your ability.

NO U turn sign

This sign is established to maintain the order of traffic and also to organize the area around the street in order to avoid trouble.

Chevron Guide

This sign is very helpful for drivers especially during the night. Cloudy weather blocks us to see the way so thanks t this sign, we can still be guided.

One Way and Two Way sign

This sign helps drivers not meet an accident in one way.