Some interesting and strange rules about driving around the world

In this article, let us also have time to relax and be entertained by the list of the considered strange rules about driving all around the world. This is not a complete list though but only some that represent the strange rules. Even in some laws, there are those who are considered as stable by other countries as it seems very different from their thinking. In driving also there are these laws that seem very different and so they are strange. Here they are.

One of it is that you should not put your dog on the roof of your car and tie them there as you will be in trouble with the authority. That is when you are in Alaska. You should also not wear your dressing gown and then drive because when you will be in California you will be in trouble as it is considered to be a crime. View more about this cleaning service company here, see this site here When in Saudi Arabia, the women are not allowed to drive but it may be changing as time passes by.

One good rule is the one that is practiced in Thailand. The drivers are allowed to have no shirt while driving even if the temperature is hot. Even if it is not a law but it is proper that drivers have a shirt on.They also make their home cool and refreshing with this company’s service for air conditioning cleaning service 洗冷氣機. When you are in Cyprus, you also have to stop to drink as it is not allowed that you drink behind the wheel even if it is a bottled water.